Paid Parental Leave in Academic CS and in Tech

Inspired in part by a study of university parental leave policies by Antecol et al. (New York Times, Inside HigherEd), we1 recently collected the paid parental leave policies for tenure-track faculty at 205 research universities with PhD-granting Computer Science departments in the US and Canada. Our methods and data are available here.

How do academic policies compare to those of companies in the tech industry? Thanks to a tip from Laura Noren, we obtained a dataset of paid parental leave policies for roughly 100 tech companies, crowdsourced by tech employees and community members after being started by Aaron Harnly of Amplify. To compare the two sets of policies, we merged the new data with ours to produce the visualization below.

Each data point represents the amount of paid parental leave provided by a university or a tech company. Hover over a data point to see more details on that policy, including its primary source. If you find an error or want to add a policy, you can add or correct industry data, or add or correct academic data.

1. A project by Allison Morgan, Sam Way, Mirta Galesic, Aaron Clauset, and Dan Larremore at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Santa Fe Institute. You can find more about us here.

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