Aaron Clauset
By Aaron Clauset
Professor of Computer Science,
Core Faculty in the BioFrontiers Institute,
University of Colorado Boulder and,
External Faculty at the Santa Fe Institute

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Structure + Strangeness

The current home for my long-form but non-academic writing. Thoughts about science, academia, networks, peer review, journals, artificial intelligence, complexity, computational social science, computational biology, etc. Structure+Strangeness has always been a place for thinking aloud and a place for storing public artifacts. The name comes from a chapter in the book version of Douglas Hofstadter’s Metamagical Themas, which stirred my imagination as a young teenager, and got me excited about complex systems, mathematics, and the mysterious of science. From 2004-2017, I maintained a blog called Structure+Strangeness blog, which I started as a doctoral student and actively used mainly through my postdoc years.

Non-periodic Updates:

2022 Year (3 of COVID) in Review

28 December 2022

Goodbye 2022. Here’s a look back at the year, by the numbers.

Past Years in Review

2021, by the numbers. (Year 2 of COVID)

2020, by the numbers. (Year 1 of COVID)

2019, by the numbers.

2018, by the numbers.

2017, by the numbers.

Data on Paid Parental Leave Policies

11 April 2018

We assembled an open data set of paid parental leave policies for 205 universities in the U.S. and Canada. To facilitate exploration and comparison, we put together a neat interactive visualization, and did a few quick statistical analyses. Joint work with Allison C. Morgan, Samuel F. Way, Mirta Galesic, and Daniel B. Larremore.